Celebration Centerpieces

Cakes and desserts for all occasions


Design Your Perfect Sweet Creation

Keep in mind the occasion or event and how many people you will be serving. At O For Heaven's Cakes, we make it our goal to keep the costs to you reasonable and fair, while making sure your sweet dessert is just perfect for whatever you are celebrating. Pricing is adjusted according to size, serving and design difficulty. For more information, please contact us


Round and square cakes for birthdays, anniversaries and small gatherings. Order a cake for 2 or 12 . Prices range from $7 to $25

Tiered & Wedding Cakes

Tiered cakes are all the rage and aren't just for weddings anymore! Make your celebration extra special with a two or three tiered cake. Prices are based on number of servings and design. Call or email for more information.


Cupcakes are cute! No doubt about it... Our cupcakes are made with love and are sold individually, by the half dozen and by the dozen. Cupcakes start at $2.00...a little more for specialty cupcakes (carrot, strawberry shortcake, etc.)


Banana pudding is a family favorite and is a MUST at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Order a pan for your party or gathering--

Small pan (feeds about 8) - $10

Medium (feeds about 25) - $20

Deep Dish (feeds up to 50) - $35

X-Large Pan (feeds 75 +) - $45

Cake Pops

Cake pops are just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth! We have all kinds of flavors but if you have a combination of flavors you'd like us to try--just let us know! Cake pops are $1.50 each 

Larger quantities receive a discount per pop. Call or email for more information 

Other Desserts & Treats

We offer an array of desserts and treats and will put ourselves on the map with our  "almost famous" Scoop Cake. 

A mixture of cake, homemade whipped cream and lots of sweet goodness, this dessert is so good it has to be scooped like ice cream!

What our customers are saying

This is a fantastic local DC business. I have quite the sweet tooth but O, For Heaven's Cakes was quite the treat!

Tori Lori, Customer